Andreas "Flashi" Pflug (that's me)
Welcome to my little private Website, which is basically more an entry-point to my several projects and work. This might be the best way to describe myself. Don't hesitate to contact me for further informations. I am an entrepreneur, a traveller, an organizer, a developer, a cook, a writer and a funny guy at all. :-)
Offroad & Rallye related
  • ... Series of big offroad-adventure raids: Five Mountains (Balkan region) and Six Dunes (Morocco)
  • ... CTO for Rally Safety Systems, Timekeeping and Management. RBI-Sports cooperation. FIA certified!
  • ... My Rallye Raid Racing Team, Navigator. Last race: 2015 :-(
  • Online & Media activities
  • ... Germanys biggest brand open and free online community.
  • Offroad in Deutschland ... Biggest brand open offroad group on Facebook (in German language)
  • ... My free image upload service (it's a big project)
  • Occasionally, I'm taking out my pencil as free journalist, to create stories for magazines. It's more of a hobby, but seems people like my writing style a bit. For 2023 I was planning a videocast on Twitch, but had to postpone this idea a bit, due to my other commitments.
    Other things...
  • ... Outdoor-event chef in a mobile non-profit cooking association
  • Social networking on Facebook, Instagramm and Twitter.
    Have a great and successful day,