Andreas "Flashman" Pflug
Sometimes it's hard to explain, what I am all about. So I created a private website, which just refers to my projects. In good spirit, that my enthusiams describes me best and you'll be able to find answers behind the links. :-)
What I do. Job, Hobby and Passion:
  • ... CTO for Rallye Safety Systems, Timekeeping and Management
  • ... Representation of RBI for Germany, Head of Sports commission
  • ... Germanys biggest brand open online community
  • ... Fighting against missinformation and hate-speech
  • ... My free image upload service
  • FB: Offroad in Deutschland ... Biggest brand open offroad group (in German language)
  • ... Series of big nonprofit offroad events (New in 2019: Five Mountains)
  • ... My Rallye Raid Racing Team, Navigator
  • Geländewagenfuzzies ... Group of best friends, travelling the world
  • ... Yes, I am a outdoor-event chef
  • ... Journalism, focussed on motorsport
  • Nun auch auf Facebook und Twitter.
    Livetracking via Glitschcomm:
    For Family, Friends and selected people - Here you can track my Position live worldwide, but you need a password.
    Have a bright day,
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